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I have had mine several years and it is rusted and the rusted part on either side is about 2 to 3 inches long and breaking my hair. The iron cost too much to be rusting. Satisfied in the beginning but very upset now. Read more

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It's blew up on the cord part while I was using it an burned my chest

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They asking me $100. Dollars for the exchange of my broken one. When I purchase the herstyler they said is lifetime warranty so why do I need to pay more money

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Same as everyone else told me life time warranty which was a lie a plates broke was gonna buy a new one till I seen all the bad reviews and paid so much money for junk time to report to better business to shut you down

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Bought this at the mall by a "distributor", which is how they get you. Called HairStyler and they say there is no such thing as a lifetime warranty and the distributor lied. Now I am out of $200 and they refuse to answer my calls or exchange my flat iron. Lastly, customer service is rude and they will tell you a supervisor is not available. I called several times and they will let you go to voicemail as well. These people have scam artist I will... Read more

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I purchased the flat iron and the dude told me that I could get a flat iron holder, shampoo and conditioner, hair serum, and a comb for free. After paying $160 I felt as I was ripped off and I paid for everything that I received for "free". Once I got home I looked online and the flat iron was $34 . I called the man back and he told me there was no refunds. I washed my hair with the shampoo and conditioner and ALOT of my hair came out. The... Read more

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wow finally a place where I can be heard. I bought a pair about three years ago and never used the. When I got home from buying a pair from a stand in a big shopping Centre, i found they was broken. I went back the next day and the stand had disappeared. Week after I saw the stand in a different shopping centre and explained what happened. They said bring them back and we swap. I went back two days later and the stand had disappeared. I was at... Read more

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When I bought one, they gave me a special deal because the box was broken. Then claimed the charge did not go through and charged me twice. When I noted that I was charged twice, they claimed the second charge would not go through. When it did, I asked they refund the charge, and they did supposedly, but not really. And so I paid $200 for something you can buy online for $20. feeling really *** and scammed at this point. DO NOT BUY THEIR... Read more

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  • Nov 11, 2015
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I bought my herstyler almost 9 years ago and it still work great. I paid $99 for a gift set that included the flat iron, shampoo, conditioner, hairspray and a styling spray.

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I bought 4 of these for almost 200.00 each, and the plate came out of them all, not happy. Loved them til they all broke. I bought mine at 2 differnt malls in Little Rock AR. Someone should be responsible since its a life time warranty. I took them back to the store at the mall and they said i had to have th box at no time when i bought them for my daughter and my self did they mention that. I feel like they took advantage of me. If i would have... Read more

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