So basically same story as everyone else! I have the same exact flat irons that they're selling people at the mall ripping people off!

120$ for a flat iron and it was " on sale " ..... got mine for 35$ EXACT same ! so she started talking to me about the deep conditioner and the shampoo that they have and this serum. not going to lie I fell for it like an ***.

So I end up speding 70$ ! I know Crazy right. so I've been using these products for over a month now ! I See NO results !

My hair is sheading more than I've ever seen it shread ! the serum doesn't even help my frizziness and the shampoo leave my hair feeling really dry ! Overall I'm pissed you'd think for 70$ the *** would work !

but NO . So try to aviod these people and don't listen to their lies their just after your pockets !

Product or Service Mentioned: Herstyler Flat Iron.

Monetary Loss: $70.

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Bought the ROYALEPRO straightener and the product lasted for less than a month. The cord was attached to a very flimsy plastic.

It also shorted my bathroom. I tried to return it but they wanted to charge me usd 29 more to replace. Marketed as a high*end product but is very cheaply made.

Very disappointed. Do not buy this product.

Athens, Tennessee, United States #645281

I've been using these iron for years!!!! I have super curly hair so when it works, it works!

Buuutttt this company is suppose to give you warranty for life , that's why they don't have refunds! You have to have the receipt of course but they're suppose to give you a new one upfront if it breaks or shatters into pieces!

Goodluck! But with all product there's always bad salesman!!!


Ok so im pissed off for you as well as myself. Same story too.....very pressured and really could not afford any of the products.

I did like the promise of the serum and mask -- i liked the scent it smells like professional salon. Then the guy wanted to demo flat iron on my hair..even though my hair is straight. i got taken in by the shine...it did look good. HOWEVER, I didnt want to buy and he just pressured and pressured until I gave in -- the only way I felt I could get out of there.

Plus I intended to return the item the next day. *** - I know -- but he was literally following me when I tried to walk away.

The next day ---- no kiosk no way to reach anyone....and I was stuck with $150 flat iron that doesnt work, not even the same on he demonstrated and showed me.....and $125 of hair care product I havent even tried because I'm so pissed.....now reading your complaint, maybe even those will be terrible. I am so pissed off by these scam artists

to RIPPED OFF Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada #698070

WE NEED TO STOP THEM AND SPREAD THE WORD...should call the news and get them to do a story on them like W5....and show and tell everyone to stay away ONE BIG HUGE SCAM!!!

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