I was literaly chased down at the mall by a guy pleading to demonstrate the Hersyler flat iron on my beautiful hair. I tried to politely decline, but he insisted.

Being sympathedic to him trying to do his job; earn a living & not wanting to be rude I agreed to 2 minutes. That was the biggest mistake of my life. I had both of my children with me & had already told the man I did not have the money to spend. He demonstrated a flat iron that seemed to do a good job.

I asked what was the cost & as soon as he mentioned $250.00 I got up & said, no. Then he quickly went down to $125.00. I refused agin. Then he told me some rediculous story to convince me of the great dael & lifetime warraty he was giving me for $89.95.

When I finaly opend the package after getting it home, I realized he had not given me the flat iron that he had demonstrated. I had received a much cheaper version with no temperture adjustment & there is no lifetime warranty. He pulled a fast on me knowing that I was in a hurrry & had my children with me. I don't mind paying a fair price for a good product,but neither are true in this case.

The product not heat up enough to strighten my hair & if it did it would probably melt as it is very cheaply made. Also, it cost 3 times more than what I can purchase it online. Several placesfor $25-$30 inc. Amazon.

Now I can't even get anyone from the mall to call me back. I'm trying to atleast keep this from happening to anyone else. Watch out for these guys. They are absolute rip off artist.

They should be arrested.I hope this helps someone else.

By the way I am not at all the kind of person that would easily get taken advantage of. Please for your sake , friends, family & others spread the word about these crooks.

Review about: Herstyler Flat Iron.

Monetary Loss: $93.

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:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

This same thing happened to me. I was hounded down at the mall by the sales guy for "2 minute demo" that turned into 30 minutes. But the hair did look great afterward.

Originally he showed me that the flat iron was retail price $400 which I said no way. He kept dropping the price until $150 with life-time waranty. I declined but he persisted and kept adding "freebies" such as shampoo, conditioner, etc. He simply wouldnt take no for an answer and I finally felt so hassled I gave in and purchased it thinking I would return it the next day.

However when I went back to return it the next day, the entire kiosk was gone. There was no way to contact the company or the guy and it was then I realized the receipt said "no refunds."

I was stuck with a $150 flat iron that doesn't work eithr to straighten or make curls and does not have temp control or anything. It is not the one he demonstrated and not even the one that he showed me that I thought I was buying. He put an entirely different flat iron in my bag. One thing he said was ceramic plates are cream color but the one he put in my bag had black plates.....so its not even ceramic. Unfortunately, I was rushing and loaded with a lot of bags so I didnt look. Plus, I expected to return it when I thought another sales person would be there.

Never ever will I be sucked in again by someone at a kiosk. These people are scam artists and take up and run after they have your money. Please learn from my mistake. This was at Christmas time and two months later, it still bothers me that I got tricked like that.

:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

San Diego, California, United States #583230

same thing happend to my.. i tried returning the *** thing and said oh sorry no refunds period i wish some one would have told me that before they sold it to me...i wish i there was someone that i could talk to at the mall about them to get them shut down they are total scam artist!


pretty much the same things happened to me. I wad polite and got weasled into a purchase, they talked me down to $100 thinking I'd return it later.

It was the one they demoed though. You can imagine how pissed I was when I went on Amazon to see I could have got one for $25 and noticed in the receipt it says All Sales Final which they didn't mention.

I was going to go back and ask for a refund but after reading similar experiences that seems doubtful. Never again!


you have to turn around and tell people like that that they are now harassing and stalking you and they'll be charges pressed if they dont cease following you and your children NOW.

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