My daughter was buying gifts at the "Her Styler" ( www.herstyler.com )Kiosk at the Southland Center (Taylor MI). The sales person wasn't clear what the total was going to be and kept making repeated charges on her card (saying that they "were having problems with the machine"). What my daughter didn't realize until it was too late, was that all of the charges went through and she had ended up spending nearly $600.00 for a couple of straighteners and some other junk.

Of course, the manager's response was simply that they have a "no returns" policy.

Looking at the hand written receipt, I see that they charged her $380.99 for two straightening irons. What a ripoff.

Yea, the total was on the hand written receipt that was tucked into her bag as she left. That's how she found out what happened.

Monetary Loss: $582.

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Well it looks like I'm not alone in the rip offscam!I paid 106.00 and ddidn't realize it was a no refund policy.

Mine were purchased at the mall in winston-salem,nc. Don't get scammed like i did. I wish i would have done my research.

I feel like i have literally been robbed but i can't blame them.I just hope the word gets out about them enough so nobody else will have to go through this

to Anonymous East Bend, North Carolina, United States #1315475

My wife got scammed for $160 at the kiosk in Hanes Mall as well. I will be paying the mall execs a visit to discuss reimbursement.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States #856607

I was in the Quail Springs Mall in Oklahoma City, and for the first time I got "pulled" into one of the kiosk.I told the lady that I was in the middle of having to get my hair cut because back in Dec.

I went in for highlights in my hair which messed my hair up bad. It no longer takes hair die and the ends are so fried,that we have to cut a little at a time each month. SO this lady told me that with her straighter,it was healthy. She only did the half of my head.

It looked nice. but I asked her not to do that "steam" iron. I have natural curly hair, and I do not blow dry it. She did it anyways.

Which I will admit, it looked nice after. The lady wanted to charge me $499.00 and I told her no, then she said she will throw in all her hair care stuff, it was all natural and that I have a life time supply. I just have to buy the life time warranting for $199.00 but I have to keep it a secret and that she will give me her 25% discount for the day only if I buy it. I still said no.

I went home and washed my hair because one half was done. As it was being air dried. I noticed that same patch of hair was so fried and bracken off, that I can not even run a pick threw it. I washed it again the next day, even switched my shampoo, it still was damaged beyond fixen.

Just came to my conclusion that I have to get my hair now cut past my ears, and start over.

This straightener is not worth the price or the heartache.

Superior, Wisconsin, United States #715199

Omg!That makes me mad!

I worked for a place but selling hair extensions. She sold her styler shampoo and conditioner with an oil for 150.00. Amazon shampoo and conditioner is 2.80! And other prices also way lower .

Also she sold cortex flat iron. About 190? The. Told me to act like I was giving a deal by saying OK...99.00 and its yours.

I did love the iron but amazon has same... like the digital titanium... 89 or 69 on sale. But honestly.

I love the cortex iron...just go on Amazon for all products.Way cheaper!


pyt hair extensions are ***.I feel like I got scammed.

I bought extensions and a straightener from them at a kisko in the fox

valley mall in aurora, IL. The lady talked me into buying hair extensions that don't even match my hair and she said that they have a life time warranty. when I got them home I tried styling them with my chi straightener. it was impossivle to style then with it.

I went back to Try to exchange them for blonder extentions and I told them that the lady said I could exchange them whenever I wanted for new ones. They said they did not have blonder extensions and that only the clips have a life time warranty. I was PISSED. I told the manager about the misleading employee and he reassured me that he would fire the misleading employee and order me blonder extensions.

he said that theIneeded a pyt straightener to straighten the extentions and said he would call me when blonder onescame in. its been a year and they haven't called. I visit monthly and the manager refuses to talk to me. I call, leave voicemails and never get a call back.

I say the lady they said they fired there last night. and not to mention their straightener is *** too

it pulls out my hair and frys it. the free year of hair stying is also a lie too.

they won't style it the way you want it and only do it to attract more girls into buying it.they flatter you into it because they.know every girl.like to be told their beautiful


I purchased 2 Her Stylers and the Oil with Vitamin E.Total 300.00 from a Kiosk in Los Angeles.

The sales person kept pushing more and more products on me and would not stop she started begging me just to try on hair extensions. I said NO- Her boss kept telling her push push I said what is your problem I liked the iron so much because she curled me hair so fast and so well and the oil was amazing. But once I got home it was not the same IRON at all or OIL.

No you can not return the items I found out.I did not warranty my products I am not giving any more money.


My friend and I bought our herstyler from the flat irons mall in co a couple years ago and I completely loved it! A few days ago mine broke

And not being too upset I thought I could go back to the colorful kitty

To get an Exchange for a brand new one ( since I was told I would have

A lifetime warranty). Little did I know that they no Longer work at that mall. There is now a new company selling them Called Royale. They didn't want to give me a new one but only sell me a more expensive one n pay the difference. Well of course why do I want to buy a new one when I'm supposed to get a brand new one. I also tried this at the colorful seasons kiosk in a diffrent mall. Same thing happened and theywanted me to pay. I called corporate at herstyler and still not luck just a snotty lady. What do I do now? Does colorful kitty still exist? I do not know where to contact them because every phone number I find no one answers. Do not buy from them. They are rip-offs and liars and overpriced. I will now probably be going to ulta to find me a new one. :cry


Never ever trust them..i was in dufferin mall toronto..they pulled me curled my hair hich looked very beautiful, so i decided to buy the he said it costed 250 and since i was not ready to pay so much, i refused the product and wanted to go away , the he said he will giv it for 120$ with so many things free..so i bought it..but after i came home and checked the reviews i realized the straightner i bough was just $30 in other stores.Please dont buy from them..Tehy will talk to you so nicely that they will make you spend!! business tactics!!


Well i went to the mall and this lady pulled me and tried out this curling iron on me it curled my hair amazingly! She said she would give it to me with a flat iron for $300 and I was like great and thank god I didn't have money or else I would've bought then but after research I am really glad she also mentioned she was from Israel and was also working at a kiosk at dead sea and people say it is from the same company or something! So just watch out :?


YES DO NOT BUY FROM THESE FRAUDS!I got mine at the Brea mall here in California too, and I must say..

they are VERY PUSHY AND RUDE they are trying to rip everyone off and just make money. No customer satisfaction what so ever. They didn't even tell me it wasn't returnable before and after I bought it until I saw the receipt. I'm even part middle eastern and I was shocked to see them treet me so UNPROFESSIONALLY.

I'm alot younger (20)than the IGNORANT and UNINTELLIGENT manager: ADAM..

that I feel VERY unhappy with the entire purchase they ARE LIARS!I hope Karma slaps them in the face before I do.

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