I bought one curling wand at their North Star Mall kiosk in 2012. I honestly don't have any problems with it, but I don't use it anymore because I'd rather have my hair straight now.

I've recently gone back to the same kiosk because I was interested in buying a flat iron from them. A blonde girl from Israel told me to sit down so she can demonstrate how it works. She was incredibly rude and told me that my hair was damaged. She then asked me "So where did you buy your current hair straightener?" I told her that I bought it at Sally Beauty Supply. And she turned to her co-worker and said "Did you hear that? She bought her hair straightener at Sally's. Haha... No wonder..."

They try to sell you their products by insulting you so you can tell yourself "Oh maybe if I buy their product then I'll look beautiful"

I ended up not buying the straightener. I later found out they've been known to blow up. So glad I didn't buy it. I'll go ahead and buy a CHI instead.

Product or Service Mentioned: Herstyler Flat Iron.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #1067653

i went there the other day and the sales rep was outstanding and friendly. the person who sold me the straightner was a female from israel with dark brown hair and she offended me a little but she explained to me that in israel they are used to being blunt.

its a multicultural thing, i learned that people from the other side of the world dont believe in the same beliefs we do.

thats probably why you thought they were rude.. i gave them the opportunity to speak..

Boulder, Colorado, United States #941778

So mad

New York, New York, United States #795569

I'm retailer of Herstyler in malls by myself.

Our sales reps will never do that.

Don't judge product by one sales representative.

Not fair. Herstyler got SOLID ceramic plates. chi is not solid ceramic.

If you take key and try to scratch the chi plate the coating will come out and metal discovered underneath. Try the same with Herstyler. See if the same happens. So ceramic will never damage your hair.

Any her stylist knows that. There are few more solid ceramic ones. But Herstyler rocks. Otherwise I'll never sell it.


B. Didonne

to Ilan #955799

Yeah well you can find the same straightner on amazon for 25$ so all of you guys suck ! Ripping people off and ***.


I believed you until you posted that BS about them being known to blow up. Now I know that you made that part up, perhaps because you got fired?

Seriously I was not born yesterday, if they were known to blow up, they would be taken off the market by law. Next time you are going to slander a company think of a better lie, because this just makes you look foolish and ignorant.

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