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Appleton mall kiosk....we noticed by walking past the one girl was VERY unprofessional chasing people down, rude....but whatever she didn't bother us so we just went on our way... I could see it had something to do with hair, so as a licenced cosmetologist I really don't pay much attention to that sort of thing since I am current with all the latest tools and trends, and just wanted to shop...

Well, on our way back around the one girl was very sweet and asked if she could ask me a question we, I said no thank you and continued on, but the one girl working with her started yelling at us, that we didn't even know what she was going to ask us and I told her I wasn't interested, she yelled "why not!? " I told her because she was very unprofessional, and we kept walking but could hear her still yelling things at us... I was in shock!!! How can you be Sooo rude and unprofessional!

If someone says they are not interested you let them be, you don't harass them! Like I said im in the business...if I want it, I can buy it, and for cheaper... I am just hoping someone reads this and hopefully puts that girl in check, she was horrible, and rude!! I get you probably work on commission but no need to harass people...if your products are good and you are knowledgeable it will sell....The actions I witnessed will push people away...

Hopefully she gets fired!!!

Visit date Jan. 28 afternoon.

Product or Service Mentioned: Herstyler Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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