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Great Mall; Milpitas, CA

If only I had pored over these reviews before, but I digress.

I was wandering through the mall by myself when a male rep. from the HerStyler kiosk handed me a small little packet of hair oil samplers. I mindlessly grabbed one and wanted to continue on my way but the man had just about followed me until I yielded and finally turned around. He tugged on my shirtsleeve (RED FLAG) and pulled me toward the booth where he went through a long demo that I didnt even want but felt forced to do. He asked invasive questions and was basically totally disgusting as he used butchered Tagalog when speaking to me (I'm Filipino.) I felt trapped and kept thanking him and saying I needed to find my Mom and that I was busy but the man had a straitener and told me to keep still. He kept talking about these *** products and how he'd mark the price down and I kept refusing and then he straight up GROWLED at me, bagged up the products I DIDN'T WANT, put them in my lap, and demanded my card. I decided to buy them, whatever. Luckily, I paid in cash and I counted to be sure he gave back the right change, which he did. So now I have overcharged hair products just because I wasn't aggressive enough to say "No."

Be aggressive with these ***. Don't let them make you feel helpless.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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This is the reviewer:

As a teenage girl wandering the mall by herself, I implore others that are like me to STAY AWAY. They feel that they can better take advantage of you because you're young. PUT DOWN YOUR DAN FOOT IF YOU HAVE TO.

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