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I went to quail springs mall with my mom to get her eyes checked and get some new glasses. We'll on the way to go look at frames I was stopped my a woman with a very strong accent.

She started asking me question about my hair. I thought what the hey I have the time lets just see what she is trying to sell me. I sit down and she starts talking to me about a flat iron and how the herstyler is one of the only true ceramic flat irons. We'll she starts using it on my hair and doing different things like straighting and curling.

Then she went a strand of hair and showed that I could use it on wet hair . I thought cool but that is only a small strand. We'll then she decides to start teasing the strand of hair to show me that the curl would still be there when I brush it out. We'll then she starts putting everything in front of me ans saying well I will give you the stand ,the shampoo and conditioner plus a tube of the a grave oil for free with the purchase of the flat iron for 250.00.

I said are you serious 250. That is too much I am not going to pay that. She says okay and goes to her handy dandy computer acts like she is clicking on some stuff and then comes over and gets right in my face and starts whispering that for me and me only and that I was not to tell anyone that she would give me the stand for free and charge me 125.00 for what ever color I wanted. I told her that is still a lot for just a flat iron.

She seemed to get an attuned at that point and tells me we'll I will give you my card and the offer only stands for today. And I walked away.

We'll me being the thrifty person that I am plus my curiosity was getting the best of me I started looking it up online and I found numerous complaints pretty much with the same complaints as mine. Just saw a range of prices that people are being charged. We'll I also decided to look on amazon and I found the exact flat iron that she was trying to sell me was 25.00 on amazon.

What a difference in price. I also found the stand for 9.99 on amazon.

So ladies if you really like it buy from amazon and do not let those people in the mall scam you. I think that they need to be be honest and maybe they would get more sales and less complaints.

Product or Service Mentioned: Herstyler Flat Iron.

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except if you look on there her styler site it says they have been having trouble with people selling fakes online I paid 100.00 three years ago and still have mine and it works great

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States #832173

I feel so ripped off:(((( I just spent 270 on two straighteners. Do not believe their lies. Such a waste of time:(

to Anonymous #873515

Where did you purchase yours at

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